Overview of some of our Projects


Area Coolant- and Lubrication-Filter Systems:

Pre-Coat Filters, Vacuum Filter, Back Flush Filter, Magnetic Separators, Centrifugal Machines for Motor and Gearbox Manufacturing, for Coolant and Lubrication Systems at Running Mills

Area Handling Machines and Special Machine Construction:

molten lead machines, gluing machines for the Car Industry, Handling System for Perfume Bottles, 4-axis Portal Robot for Tube Profile, measuring and control of a Scraper for a Oil Pipeline, mineral processing plant for moulding sand, plastic injection moulding machine for PE-Bottles, handling Production System

for Contact Parts, sort and stable machines for grinding wheels, Hydraulic Systems for Running Mills

Area Conveyor technology:

Dairy product conveyor and packing System, Skid Conveyor System for the Car Industry, EHB-Conveyor Systems for Car Industry and Hospitals, rolls conveyor system for Car Glass pane at Sekurit, Coil-conveyor to and off transport for Coil‘s in Running Mills, steel plate conveyor to transport cars in the final assembly shop, storage and retrieval unit for high-bay warehouse for the Car Industry. Conveying and Handling of glass pane.

Area Burner- and Dryer Systems:

Continuous-flow drier, Burner Controls for different use

Some Customer reference:

  • Siemens Germany Automation
  • Morath  Germany Automation
  • Wetron  Germany Automation
  • Jochheim Germany Automation
  • Mannesmann Germany Steel Mill Manufacturer
  • Sundwig Germany Steel Mill Manufacturer
  • VW  World Wide Car Manufacturer
  • General Motors World Wide Car Manufacturer
  • Daimler Crysler Germany Car Manufacturer
  • China Steel Taiwan Steel Manufacturer
  • SMS  Germany Steel Mill Manufacturer
  • Beyss  Germany Industrial Filter Manufacturer
  • F.E.S.  Germany Industrial Filter Manufacturer
  • Minchali Taiwan Steel Manufacturer
  • Dongbu Steel South Korea Steel Manufacturer
  • AFT  World Wide Conveyor technology
  • Hörmann China Automation
  • Grenzebach Germany glass pane conveying technology